Partial closure (Y5 and Y6 only in school) for Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March

Priorities 2023-2025

Collective practice within pedagogy  Love to Learn

  • The collective pedagogy is applied, including use of routines, with quality assurance supporting consistency, and frequent reference to previous learning. 
  • Outcomes at the end of key stage 2 are improved with misconceptions identified and corrected early, particularly in the four accountability measures.
  • Learning journals are the basis for planning, formative assessment and effective feedback, alongside summative assessments.
  • Equality of access to the curriculum is ensured through effective use of A-B-C, along with the application of pupil passports and support for core readers.

Reading, writing and oracy Learn to Live

  • Pupils’ fluency with language is embedded as part of learning, including the use of subject-specific reading and quality writing.


  • Reading is used effectively within lessons and staff know how to draw out pupils’ comprehension, with DEAR as a daily focus across the curriculum.
  • Use of keywords is introduced each lesson, along with hints at past learning, and secured through in-lesson talk.

Pastoral care with consistency  Live to Love

  • Pastoral practice supports learning by overcoming barriers and rebuilding relationships where these become fractured.
  • Lesson 6 learning is seen as an integral part of planning, with consistent practice across all colleges.


  • Maintain the focus on attendance which promotes continuity of learning while addressing matters of concern.
Longer Term Priorities

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