Partial closure (Y5 and Y6 only in school) for Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March

Learning Skills

We look for pupils to learn knowledge, skills and values within school. All three parts take place within lessons.

Knowledge refers to learning concepts, principles and information regarding a particular subject(s) by a person through books, media, encyclopaedia, academic institutions and other sources.

Skill refers to the ability to develop knowledge and understanding, or using information and applying it in a context, and real-life situation to get a desired result.

Values are the ways of interacting and behaving by the person within a community. Indeed, the extent of the use of the values can define the community itself.



There are six superhero learning skills that pupils are asked to consider and develop in their learning. Teachers plan these in to lessons.

Team worker

Collaborate with others


Engage in a variety of roles


Provide helpful and supportive feedback

Creative thinker

Ask questions which extend thinking


Connect own and others’ ideas


Adapt thinking and try alternatives

Independent Enquirer

Explore and analyse information


Draw conclusions from evidence


Use reasoned arguments with key words


Search for solutions before asking for help


Manage own emotions


Use time and equipment well

Reflective Learner

Assess self and others honestly


Review progress and know ‘next steps’


Accept praise and learn from setbacks

Effective Participator

Take a full part in learning


Influence others in a positive way


Identify improvements and express these thoughtfully

Information Retriever

Articulate information from prior lessons


Apply retained information to new learning


Retrieve information from a source


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